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wiki phd thesis



Borrowed as a result of Latinthesis, because of Age-old Greekθέσις(thésis, “a proposal, your statement, some idea put down decrease, thesis in unsupported claims, thesis during prosody”).



thesis (pluraltheses)

  1. A statement recognized by arguments.
  2. A penned essay, specially a person handed in pertaining to cover note significado universitydegree.
    • Goldsmith
      I instructed these people for the actual severe, growing to be, not to mention elegant deportment that they have to think about this approach magical celebration, together with browse these products not one but two homilies and also a good thesis from this personal crafting, to be able to prepare yourself them.
  3. (logic) The acceptance, or possibly big difference out of some supposition or possibly hypothesis.
  4. (music) The final article paper thing about the determine, expressed as a result of that downwards beat; the particular reverse connected with arsis.
  5. (poetry) The sadness of that words throughout pronouncing that syllables regarding any word.
  6. (poetry) a section regarding that metrical base for which will such a fabulous major depression falls.

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statement backed from arguments

written essay written for the purpose of a college degree

  • Arabic: أُطْرُوحَة‎ f(ʾuṭrūḥa)
  • Armenian: ատենախոսություն (hy)(atenaxosutʿyun), դիսերտացիա (hy)(disertacʿia), դիպլոմային աշխատանք(diplomayin ašxatankʿ)
  • Asturian: tesis f
  • Catalan: tesi doctoral (ca) f, tesi (ca) f
  • Chinese:
    Mandarin: 論文 (zh), 论文 (zh)(lùnwén)
  • Czech: diplomová práce f
  • Danish: afhandling c, disputats c
  • Dutch: proefschrift (nl) n, scriptie (nl) f
  • Finnish: tutkielma (fi), opinnäytetyö (fi); diplomityö (fi); väitöskirja (fi)
  • French: thèse (fr) f
  • Galician: tese (gl) f, tese de doutoramento f
  • German: Abschlussarbeit (de) f, Bachelorarbeit (de) f, Masterarbeit (de) f, Diplomarbeit (de) f, Doktorarbeit (de) f, Dissertation (de) f (only wiki phd thesis thesis)
  • Gujarati: મહાશોધ નિબંધ(mahāśodh nibandh)
  • Hebrew: תזה‎ (he) f(teza)
  • Hungarian: diplomamunka
  • Indonesian: disertasi (id)
  • Italian: tesi (it) f

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From Latinthesis, via Medieval Greekθέσις(thésis, “a idea, a affirmation, any element put affordable, thesis in unsupported claims, thesis throughout prosody”).

wiki phd thesis



thesis f (pluralthesesorthesissen, diminutivethesisje n)

  1. thesis
    Synonyms:dissertatie, proefschrift



From The ancient Greekθέσις(thésis, “a proposition, some sort of assertion, some thing laid down, thesis during rhetoric, thesis during prosody”).



thesis f (genitivethesis); third declension

  1. thesis


Third declension.

wiki phd thesis


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