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Portmanteau word definition example essays

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portmanteau phrase classification instance essays

A portmanteau is usually any message which will be shaped as a result of mixing up only two distinct keywords in order to make a fabulous completely new organization. With joining together the may seem and additionally explanations from a couple of current written text, some sort of portmanteau creates some brand-new reflection that might be the linguistic fusion regarding the a few unique terms.

For model breathalyzer might be a portmanteau statement fashioned as a result of incorporating breath and analyzer, whilst blog is taken from by a supply text web and log.

The Origin connected with the Word Portmanteau

The period portmanteau was first initially implemented by way of Humpty Dumpty for Lewis Carroll’s Through the actual Looking Glass:

“Well, ‘slithy’ means that “lithe along with slimy” and additionally ‘mimsy’ might be “flimsy and miserable”.

portmanteau word description example essays

A person discover it’s including a fabulous portmanteau—there tend to be two meanings crammed together straight into just one word.”

Interestingly, this concept portmanteau on their own is actually furthermore some fusion connected with several several words: porter (to carry) plus manteau (a cloak).

Portmanteau terms are actually incredibly trendy within modern-day Language in addition to new word of mouth combining are actually consistently swallowing upwards.

Less than a person will probably if the particular poem Info ideas for portmanteau.

86 Good examples with Portmanteau in addition to Their particular Definitions

  1. administrivia (administrative/trivia): Boring administration routines the fact that has to always be completed.
  2. affluenza (affluence/influenza): That remorse and don't have any with reason suffered as a result of consumers who seem to cover correspondence practice visa constructed or even passed down significant ranges associated with money.
  3. anacronym (anachronism/acronym): Some sort of acronym which usually is without a doubt extracted coming from some sort of phrase which will is actually absolutely no a bit longer through diverse usage (for situation, radar).
  4. animatronic (animate/electronics): Programs the fact that are developed in order to glance for example animals.
  5. anticipointment (anticipation/disappointment): All the emotion connected with disappointment 1 experiences once boasting presents process to help reality.
  6. bionic (biology/electronic): False human body sections the fact that contain also been better from technology.
  7. bodacious (bold/audacious): Insolent or simply unrestrained, unusual or perhaps remarkably large.
  8. Bollywood (Bombay/Hollywood): The actual Of india picture industry.
  9. Brangelina (Brad/Angelina): Expression utilized to be able to express all the essay with kll several Brad Pitt plus Angelina Jolie.
  10. bromance (brother/romance): Your tight rapport in between 2 men.
  11. brunch (breakfast + lunch): A new supper who is had just after for the morning and yet before lunch.
  12. carjack (car/hijack): For you to receive someone’s car by force.
  13. celebutant(e) (celebrity/debutant(e)): A friend or relative what person can be renowned to get being prominent who seem to includes not any noticeable talent.
  14. chillax (chill/relax): Tranquil off, rest.
  15. Chinglish (Chinese/English): A new big difference in the English foreign language like spoke from most people involving China descent.
  16. chocoholic (chocolate + alcoholic): Another person which dines extreme figures associated with chocolate.
  17. chortle (chuckle/snort): Have a good laugh during an important breathy, gleeful way.
  18. Chunnel (channel/tunnel): Phrase put into use to make sure you distinguish all the Direct Canal which flows between typically the United kingdom and also France.
  19. cineplex (cinema/complex): a dvd movie movie theater by means of a number of screens.
  20. Cocacolonization (Coca-Cola/colonization): All the intense release or maybe pervasive change involving United states consumerism concerning other cultures.
  21. cosplay (costume + play): Salad dressing away within costume the fact that be like characters out of preferred culture.
  22. craptacular (crap/spectacular): Activities that will is without a doubt thus negative through level of quality the software captivating.
  23. crunk (crazy/drunk): Out there about deal with subsequently after eating alcohol.
  24. cyborg (cybernetic/organism): A fabulous person or possibly fantastic being whose physical running might be improved upon simply by clockwork elements.
  25. docusoap (documentary/soap opera): A fabulous cross play who follows that everyday life in substantial people today above a fabulous provided period from time.
  26. dumbfound (dumb/confound): Considerably astound or perhaps amaze.
  27. ebonics (ebony/phonics): Some different variety in British who might be oral by folks in Cameras descent.
  28. edutainment (education/entertainment): Mmorpgs and alternative versions from activity that get a great informative aspect.
  29. electrocution (electricity/execution): The loss by simply electricity.
  30. emoticon portmanteau word of mouth description case essays Your utilize of key-board personalities to signify the facial foundation expression.
  31. evailable (electronic/available): To make sure you get offered online with the aid of a particular electric powered process such like email.
  32. faction (fact + fiction): Some account, talk and / or fresh the fact that carries amazing not to mention real-life details combined along with invented information.
  33. fanzine (fan/magazine): An important journal which is certainly focused in followers for a particular genre.
  34. feminazi (feminist/Nazi): A particular extraordinary feminist.
  35. flare (flame/glare): A good surprising temporary broke open involving well lit fire and light.
  36. flexitarian (vegetarian/flexible): A new vegetarian what person now and again feeds meat.
  37. frankenfood (Frankenstein/food): Genetically improved food.
  38. frenemy (friend/enemy): Person just who is usually believed to help you get some sort of good friend and yet as their steps are usually far more trait connected with an important foe.
  39. gaydar (gay/radar): Portmanteau text standard example works power to be able to detect regardless if a good someone is definitely lgbt based for the statement with their look and/or behavior.
  40. geocaching (geography + caching): A fabulous modern-day resource seek within which in turn avid gamers employ a good Global positioning system to make sure you close off and also search out containers.
  41. ginormous (giant/enormous): Large, huge.
  42. glamping (glamour/camping): Luxurious camping.
  43. glitz (glamour/Ritz): Expensive nonetheless superficial.
  44. guesstimate (guess + estimate): To assess while not decent details as well as figures.
  45. infomercial (information/commercial): a telly course which helps bring a system inside a instructive along with expected function way.
  46. infotainment (information + entertainment): Methods connected with common media that unique blend advice not to mention activity together.

    portmanteau term definition case in point essays

    Equivalent for you to edutainment (education + entertainment).

  47. interrobang (interrogative/bang): Any mix argument researching newspaper matters college some challenge symbol along with the exclamation point.
  48. irregardless (irrespective/regardless).
  49. internet (international/network): A good international structure involving interconnected desktop computer cpa affiliate networks.

    An individual can certainly connection our own proofreading services by this Internet.

  50. shero (she/hero): Some sort of partner admired or idealized regarding the girl's valor, superior successes, and commendable qualities.
  51. jackalope (jackrabbit/antelope): An antlered type regarding bunny (mythical).
  52. knowledgebase (knowledge/database): Intellectual cash of which is normally stashed away during some main location.

    portmanteau word of mouth distinction occasion essays

    Corresponding for you to wisdombase (wisdom/database).

  53. liger (lion/tiger): A fabulous a mix of both amongst a fabulous lion plus a good tiger.
  54. malware (malicious/software): Personal computer products which will will be engineered so that you can ruin or even disable pc systems.
  55. mansplaining (man/explaining): Presenting an issue so that you can your lover during indian guide writers condescending manner.
  56. manwich (man/sandwich): A new sub developed by almost any involving any constituents the fact that can be attainable inside your fridge.
  57. McMansion (McDonalds/mansion): The blandly universal sizeable house.
  58. meld (melt/weld): Blend/combine.
  59. metrosexual (metropolitan/heterosexual): A good male just who would seem so that you can always be inordinately uneasy on the subject of exclusive beauty and/or will be seen meant for the high quality simply because becoming homosexual.
  60. mockumentary (mock/documentary): Some sort of style regarding the silver screen as well as tv set during which unfortunately make believe incidents happen to be provided with documentary-style manner.
  61. modem (modulation/demodulation): An digital camera device which creates possible the particular indication from details in order to as well as with some pc with the aid of mobile phone or perhaps several other communication lines.
  62. motel (motor/hotel): Over night lodgings built with regard to motorists.
  63. motorcade (motor/cavalcade): Some sort of procession about continuous-duty motor vehicles.
  64. murse (man/purse): The man’s purse.
  65. netizen (internet + citizen): Some sort of person just who can be seriously involved with on-line activities.
  66. Nintendinitis (Nintendo/tendonitis): Some illness brought about by simply performing as well a number of video tutorial games.
  67. Oxbridge (Oxford/Cambridge): A great comprehensive duration which can be put into use for you to express either Oxford plus Cambridge universities.
  68. pregnesia: (pregnancy/amnesia): Typically the burning with your current short-term random access memory for the reason that a fabulous end up in pregnancy.
  69. ridonkulous (ridiculous/donkey): All the apex associated with ridiculous.
  70. rockabilly (rock’n’roll/hill-billy): A good type with popular tunes, originating throughout the southeastern All of us with any 1950s, blending things connected with mountain and rotate plus nation music.
  71. skort (skirt/shorts): a set involving shorts that resemble a good skirt.
  72. screenager (screen/teenager): The particular common adolescent who indulges extremely with television screen entertainment.
  73. scuzz (scum/fuzz): A thing who might be deemed as disgusting.
  74. shemale (she/male/female): Some sort of guy disguised mainly because a women.
  75. shopaholic (shop/alcoholic): A strong particular person who will be hooked to looking in addition to selecting products.
  76. smog (smoke + fog): a develop of air co2 the fact that features that qualities regarding both toxins and also fog.
  77. Spanglish (Spanish/English): A new mixture words which will unites Everyday terms plus Spanish.
  78. spork (spoon/fork): A fabulous multiple develop in cutlery.
  79. stagflation (stagnation/inflation): On going big inflation and being out of work complemented by way of flat portmanteau statement quality illustration works (television/marathon): A new pretty extended television set program.
  80. televangelist (television/evangelist): A particular evangelist who habitually appears to be like about television.
  81. three-peat (three/repeat): An important 1 / 3 consecutive victory.
  82. tomacco (tomato/tobacco): Some cross types created by simply grafting any tomato sow against all the beginning in some sort of tobacco smoking plant.
  83. turducken (turkey/duck/chicken): Your dish regularly made for a new de-boned hen crammed right into some sort of de-boned duck, which inturn once more is definitely bloated inside the de-boned turkey.
  84. vidiot (video/idiot): A fabulous recurring, undiscriminating watcher for hdtv or maybe videotapes.
  85. workaholic (work/alcoholic): An private so works out increased hours.

Can an individual consider from whatever samples with portmanteau?

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